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Review after 1 day of use sinful fn

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  • Review after 1 day of use sinful fn

    After 1 day of use fortnite sinful
    Menu = 10/10
    ESP = 10/10 - Very good ESP not lagy like other cheats
    Vis check = 7/10 Sometimes it appears to me that the enemy is behind the wall, but it is not
    TriggerBot = 7/10 - its good but sometimes shot enemy behind wall maybe bcs vis check
    Aimbot = 5/10 its lagy i tried to do best settings for it but still lagy i hope mr morfic will add some improvements
    security = ??/10 i just use it 1 day but as i see its very good and ud other cheats gives me ban after 3 - 5 games xD
    Overall = Very good in security and ESP, but regarding AIM it needs some improvements or I think the problem is on my side
    If so, then my rating is 9/10. If these problems actually exist, then my rating is 7/10.
    i loved this hack

    also morfic is helpful guy and will help and fix any problem for you
    cannot recommend any cheat other than this one ❤​