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Crossfire VIP review

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  • Crossfire VIP review

    Hey guys. Wanted to make a quick review of the Crossfire cheat here at SinfulEXP.

    Generally I stick to using private cheats but was recommended the CF cheat here by some friends.

    I generally only closet cheat and don't use any of the crazy blatant stuff. This review will pretty much only consist of the features I use when closet hacking.

    Aimbot: 10/10 - The aimbot has pretty much every single feature you could ask for when closet hacking. The smooth aim is great, bone selection is perfect and I have overall had no issues with it. Spawn shield check (Or whatever it's called lol) also seems to work perfectly. Same with visibility check. The only thing I could possibly say may improve it would be some sort of RCS/recoil control system that is generally in CS cheats. Easily the best CF aimbot I have ever used!

    ESP: 10/10 - I am generally a fan of being able to change the colour of stuff with RGB selections so this made me really happy (I am one of those nerds who have all the Razer chroma RGB stuff lol.) I only use 2D boxes (enemy only) and health ESP but so far it seems perfect.

    Crosshair: 10/10 - I mean it's hard to screw up a crosshair but the ability to change colour to anything is great. Pretty much all you can ask for in this feature lol.

    So I guess as far as CF hacks go, this is pretty much perfect for anyone wanting to closet cheat.

    If anyone is curious about my aimbot settings, I use smooth aim at 1%, auto aim with like 100 fov (doesn't really matter when smooth is so low) and use vis check, spawn check, ect.

    Also if you live in Australia or anywhere that gets high ping to Crossfire servers, I would highly recommend using wtfast. It reduced my ping by like ~50 and improved my hit registry significantly.