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[TUT] SinfulEXP Web-Based Loader (UPDATED: 6/06/2018)

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  • [TUT] SinfulEXP Web-Based Loader (UPDATED: 6/06/2018)

    First of all you will have to go to Loader page

    Then click in "GUID Tool" a tool will be downloaded just open it.

    You will be required to enter your Forums username and Password here

    After entering your Username and password your GUID will be set.

    Please Note that to Run the GUIDTool you must not be running any VPN's or any programs which uses any Debug/Dump tool or Virtual Machine

    Now Download the loader and install it till it says "Upadted/installed Loader"

    If you have already subscribed for the hack you should be able to see it in your hack loader menu.
    Click in "Load Hack" and our tool should be appear at the middle upper of screen telling to open the game,once you open the game our hack will be injected into it.

    Once you see the above start your game and press "insert" button to see the hack menu inside the game

    Our regards,
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